"Walk Away" and "Save a Sole"! What a deal!

"Walk Away" with a great deal! Recycle to "Save a Sole" from a landfill!  We invite you to check out our shoe collection at www.recycledrescues.com and hopefully walk a mile or two in a great pair of shoes at a bargain price!

Gently used shoes that have been properly cleaned and deodorized are the only items we offer at “Recycled Rescues”.  Shoes that show excessive wear and thinning on soles, and uneven heels don’t make the cut.  Shoes that show excessive wear and deep mold patterns on the inside don’t make the cut.  Funky smells and signs of excessive water don’t make the cut.

Actually, pre-wear can help eliminate the break in process of a pair of shoes.  They may be stretched and broken in at the areas that typically cause pressure when brand new saving you the risk of those painful blisters!  Also, pre-worn can be tailored to your fit by using arch support products or heat-molding insoles available in stores and online.

We would like to offer a few good reasons for buying second-hand shoes:

  There are often amazing bargains to be found from luxury and designer labels that are well made using high quality materials. 

  You may find a vintage style no longer in production.

  You help keep gently used shoes, with a lot of mileage and life left in them, out of the landfills.

Go ahead and check out our selection at www.recycledrescues.com!

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