"Tis the Season for Online Shopping!

 Who remembers taking the bus on a Saturday morning to spend the whole day shopping “downtown”?  Wandering through the “downtown” area all decked out for the holidays, going from store to store and running into friends and comparing deals?  Ah, fresh air, exercise and fun! 

 I find that shopping is no longer that enjoyable experience.  It is now driving all over town and hunting for parking spaces and being amongst throngs of unhappy shoppers stressed out by stores dealing with staffing shortages causing limited hours and long lines at checkouts.  We all know that shipping delays are causing these stores to have inventory shortages and limited product availability...you go home empty-handed!

                                         BAH, HUMBUG ... Who needs that?!

 Thank goodness for e-commerce!  Now you can sit in your home that is decked out for the holidays, have a nice hot drink and enjoy relaxed browsing.  We all know that the most popular items will probably still be hard to come by, but choices are endless!!

 At Recycled Rescues, we wish you “happy online shopping” and hope you find unique treasures that will complete your holiday lists whether personal or for someone else! 

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