Pantaloons to the Rescue!

Pantaloons to the Rescue!

Months and months of being able to dress to please ourselves…sweatpants, right? Didn’t have to give up on comfort and decide which pair of pants to wear!  We got dressed with a “top-up” view in mind…except for those that forgot while in front of their computer, stood up and got caught with their pants down…haha!  Now that we are able to venture out in public once more, guess what…pants are once again required!  What are we talking about when we say “pants”?

People refer to them in different ways…trousers, chinos, khakis, jeans, dungarees or overalls, leggings, jeggings, stretch pants, cargo pants, sweats, etc., etc., etc.  Truthful now, who wouldn’t like the chance to refer to their leg coverings as pantaloons?!  The word “pants” is just a shortened version of pantaloons!

Then there are as many different styles - high rise, low-rise or hip hugger, skinny, slim leg, wide leg, straight leg, bell bottoms, bootcut, capri, etc., etc., etc.

What is your favorite type of “pants” to wear? Let us know what you typically shop for and we can be on the lookout and add some unique and everyday “favorites” to our shop! Leave a comment! We would love to hear from you!

Shop regularly.  Be a “thrift shopper” and enjoy some great deals!

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