BAG A DEAL! Accessories can complete the look!

“Second-hand”, “pre-owned”, “recycled rescues”, “gently used”, etc., etc., etc.  Whatever you choose to call it, giving accessories a second-chance is a great move on your part!  Let’s be honest…whoever owns just one purse?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a broad selection of quality items in your closet without breaking your bank?

We love to scour the second-hand stores looking for great deals to offer you!  We search, find, buy and lovingly ensure that the items we have to offer you are in the best possible condition.  You can trust that if we would not own an item, we wouldn’t want to pawn it off on you!  Of course, if we run across something that is truly unique, and just not our style, if it is in great condition it might just be the bag for you!

Why not start the New Year off with a new bag?  We invite you to shop our Accessories Collection at  We have a diverse selection of designers and styles to choose from…at great prices!  Let us know which one you want and it will be on its way immediately!  Bag a great bag!                             

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